Six Star Pro Nutrition Whey Protein Plus Triple Chocolate, 2 lb



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<ul><li>Six Star Muscle Is A Cutting-Edge Scientifically Advanced Line of Supplements Clinically Engineered to Accelerate Muscle Growth, Increase Strength, Burn Fat, and Enhance Muscle Performance. Each Six Star Muscle Supplement Is Strategically Formulated For Bodybuilders Using Researched and Proven Ingredients to Deliver Dramatic Results. Over 50 Scientific Studies Prove The Effectiveness of The Ingredients Found In Six Star Muscle Supplements. If A Key Ingredient Hasn’t Been Proven In Human Studies, Then It’s Not Good Enough to Be A Part of Six Star. Bottom Line: Your Muscles Demand Advance, Research-Backed Supplements and That’s Exactly What Six Star Muscle Gives You – Superior Formulas to Deliver Superior Results.</li><li>Six Star Professional Strength Whey Protein Is A Scientifically Engineered Anabolic Protein Formula That’s Designed to Force Massive Muscle Growth from Day One. The Professional Strength Whey Protein Formula Is Built On A Foundation of 100-Percent Whey Protein – The Most Bioavailable Form of Protein Available In The World. But It Doesn’t Stop There. Professional Strength Whey Protein Is Much More Than Regular Or Even So-Called 100-Percent Premium Whey Protein. As Powerful As It Is, Regular Whey Protein Has Limitations. Using The Latest Advancements In Protein Supplement Science, Professional Strength Whey Protein Overcomes The Limiting Factors of Regular Protein Supplements. The Trouble With Regular Whey Protein Is That It Is Not Absorbed By Your Muscles Efficiently Where It’s Needed Most. The Fact Is, Bodybuilders Don’t Have Time to Wait For Amino Acids If They Are Going to Get Huge. Professional Strength Whey Protein Is Packed With Clinically Proven Musclebuilding Accelerators to Quickly Spike Your Blood Amino Acid Levels and Shuttle A Whopping 25-50 Grams of Protein to Your Muscles. The Result of This Accelerated Amino Acid Transport and Uptake Is Rapid Gains In Muscle Size and Strength. The Six Star Professional Strength Whey Protein Key Ingredients Are Proven In University, Gold-Standard Scientific Studies to Be Superior to Regular Whey Protein For Building Muscle and Increasing Strength. The Proof Is In The Science – Professional Strength Whey Protein Is The Musclebuilding Solution Bodybuilders Need For Fast, Extreme Results</li></ul>


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