Six Star Pro Nutrition Whey Protein Plus French Vanilla, 2 lb


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<ul><li>Scientifically Superior To Regular Whey Protein**. Forces Lean Muscle Growth Fast!* Scientifically Engineered Musclebuilding Accelerators*. Delivers Powerful Amino Acids For Rapid Muscle & Strength Gains*. Scientifically Engineered With: Ultra Pure Whey Protein. Potent Muscle Building Cofactor*. Muscle Growth Accelerators*. 27 Grams Of Bcaas Per Max Daily Dose!</li><li>Six Star Muscle – Six Star Muscle Is A Cutting-Edge Advanced Line Of Supplements Scientifically Engineered To Accelerate Muscle Growth, Increase Strength, Get Cut And Enhance Muscle Performance. Each Six Star Muscle Supplement Is Strategically Formulated For Bodybuilders Using Researched Key Ingredients T0 Deliver Dramatic Results. Over 50 Scientific Studies Support The Effectiveness Of The Key Ingredients Found In Six Star Muscle Supplements. Bottom Line: Your Muscles Demand Advanced Supplements And That’s Exactly What Six Star Muscle Gives You – Advanced Formulas To Deliver Results.* Six Star Muscle Professional Strength Whey Protein – Six Star Professional Strength Whey Protein Is A Scientifically Engineered Anabolic Protein Formula That’s Designed To Force Massive Lean Muscle Growth Fast.* The Professional Strength Whey Protein Formula Is Built On A Foundation Of Ultra Pure Whey Protein – One Of The Most Bioavailable Forms Of Protein Available In The World. But It Doesn’t Stop There. Professional Strength Whey Protein Is Much More Than Regular Whey Protein. As Powerful As It Is, Regular Whey Protein Has Limitations. Using The Latest Advancements In Protein Supplement Science, Professional Strength Whey Protein Overcomes The Limiting Factors Of Regular Protein Supplements. Professional Strength Whey Protein Is Packed With A Scientifically Researched Musclebuilding Accelerator And Works To Quickly Spike Your Blood Amino Acid Levels And Shuttle A Whopping 52 Grams Of Protein For Maximum Growth.** The Six Star Muscle Professional Strength Whey Protein Key Ingredients Are Tested In A University, Gold-Standard Scientific Study To Be Superior To Regular Whey Protein For Building Muscle And Increasing Strength. The Proof Is In The Science: **In One 6-Week Study, Individuals Taking The Key Ingredients In Six Star Whey Protein Gained, On Average, More Lean Mass Than Subjects Using Regular Whey Protein (8.8 Vs. 5.1 Lbs.).* Six Star Professional Strength Whey Protein Is The Musclebuilding Solution Bodybuilders Need For Fast, Extreme Results.*</li><li>*These Statements Have Not Been Evaluated By The Food And Drug Administration. This Product Is Not Intended To Diagnose, Treat, Cure Or Prevent Any Disease.</li><li>Scientifically Engineered Nitric Oxide Formula*.</li><li>Tastes Great! Mixes Instantly!</li><li>52G Of Protein For Maximum Muscle!**,*</li><li>Builds Muscle Fast!*</li></ul>


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