MET-Rx Extra Strength Green Tea Extract Herbal Supplement, 120 count


<p>MET-Rx Green Tea Extract Supplements are formulated to help heighten energy levels. Use them to stimulate intensity before your workout or for a boost any other time of day. These capsules harness the power of green tea into a concentrated blend featuring active polyphenols and catechins. Each serving also provides a powerful combination of standardized EGCG and 80mg of caffeine. The bottle contains 120 individual extra strength green tea supplement capsules.</p>

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<b><br>MET-Rx Extra Strength Green Tea Extract Herbal Supplement:</b><ul><li>Formulated to heighten energy levels</li><li>Ideal for before a workout or a boost anytime of the day</li><li>Include standardized 350mg EGCG</li><li>Contain 80mg caffeine</li><li>Feature active polyphenols and catechins</li><li>Package contains 120-count of MET-Rx supplement</li></ul>


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