MET-Rx Chocolate Natural Whey Protein Powder Dietary Supplement, 32 oz


Build muscle mass the natural way with MET-Rx Chocolate Natural Whey Protein Powder Supplement. Whey is the preferred protein source in sports and bodybuilding nutrition because it provides a superior source of branched chain amino acids, made up of leucine, isoleucine and valine. These are all important for the maintenance of muscle tissue. Unlike some other incomplete protein sources, this natural whey protein supplement contains all of the essential amino acids required for supporting lean muscle. It also utilizes state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to deliver a cutting-edge protein blend that is both wholesome and scientifically advanced. With absolutely no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors, it should be your first choice for high-quality protein. What makes MET-Rx Chocolate Natural Whey Protein Powder Supplement worth it? It provides gold standard whey protein sources, including microfiltered whey protein isolate and ultra-filtered whey protein concentrate.

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It is instantized for easy mixing with your favorite beverage, and can also be combined with yogurt, peanut butter or fruit to make a flavorful and protein-packed smoothie. A measuring scoop is included and this jar contains 32 oz of chocolate whey powder. A single serving contains 23 grams of protein and only one gram of fat.<br> <b>MET-Rx Chocolate Natural Whey Protein Powder Dietary Supplement:</b><ul><li>Lean mass and strength</li><li>23g protein</li><li>5g BCAAs from protein for muscle recovery</li><li>Whey protein supplement instantized for easy mixing</li><li>No artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors</li></ul>


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