MET-Rx Advanced Creatine Blast Grape Dietary Supplement Powder, 50.79 oz


<p>MET-Rx Advanced Creatine Blast Grape Dietary Supplement Powder is the company’s most advanced creatine formula to date. With a combination of proprietary formulations that support increased creatine delivery and improved cell volumization, MET-Rx Advanced Creatine Blast delivers insane taste and results. Each scientifically-formulated serving is loaded with fast-digesting carbohydrates and electrolytes. Carbohydrates help induce an insulin response that improves creatine transport into the muscle, so you can maximize creatine stores for improved strength and recovery. Sodium, an electrolyte, may also improve creatine uptake through its interaction with creatine transporters, opening the gateway for creatine movement into muscle. MET-Rx Advanced Creatine Blast contains three advanced blends: Tri-Phase Pump Complex for muscle size and strength support, BCCA Nitro Blend with all three essential branched chain amino acids, and Xtreme NOS Blend featuring l-arginine.</p>

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<b>MET-Rx Advanced Creatine Blast Grape Dietary Supplement Powder:</b><ul><li>Speeds recovery from training</li><li>Supports muscle size and strength</li><li>Releases insulin to boost creatine uptake</li><li>Contains fast-digesting carbohydrates and electrolytes</li><li>Free of yeast, wheat, milk or milk derivatives, lactose, and soy</li></ul>


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