Genuine Muscle Milk Nutritional Chocolate Shake – 4 Ct


Enjoy the filling and delicious Genuine Muscle Milk Chocolate Shake. It’s an excellent source of 20 vitamins and minerals, and it’s a lactose-free protein option. This Muscle Milk shake comes in a convenient four count pack.

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<b>Genuine Muscle Milk Nutritional Chocolate Shake, 4 Count:<br></b><ul><li>Nutritional shake</li><li>11 fl oz nutritional shake, 4-count pack</li><li>Chocolate flavor</li><li>20 vitamins and minerals</li><li>Lactose free, high protein</li></ul><br>See all <a href=";-weight-management/976760_1005859_1044200&povid=78-758-13308433">diet foods and drinks</a>


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