juicing for muscle building

Build Muscle with Juicing

Juicing is a healthy habit that many people have turned to for wellness, but you can also build muscle with juicing if you do it properly. You don’t often associate juicing with building muscle mass, but there are many combinations that can help you to add bulk to your frame.juicing for muscle building

First, you’ll need to make sure you have the right equipment. A juicer is required to actually extract the juice from the fruits and veggies you combine. You can also use a high powered blender for some recipes.

Once you have a juicer, you can combine any number of foods to create a drink that packs nutrition. With one drink you can deliver the vitamins and minerals of several servings of fruit without having to take the time to eat them individually.

Juices do provide your body with sugars and carbs. But they can also provide you with protein molecules as well as vitamins and minerals that are critical to the process of building muscle mass. In particular your juices will be healthier if you leave the pulp in them to get the fiber content.

When you’re working to build muscle mass you also need to increase your caloric intake. While it might be tempting to add cookies, candy, or soda to your diet those are empty calories and they won’t help you to pack on lean muscle.

green smoothie muscle buildingBut juicing can provide you with a high concentration of calories from nutritional sources. The juice helps to deliver the materials that your body can use to make muscle tissue and to repair cells that are damaged by your workout.

What kinds of foods can you juice? If you’re looking to gain weight from muscle mass you can add a wide variety of foods to your juice. But some of your best bets include kale, apples, lemon, spinach, and celery. These provide antioxidants and are also good sources of protein.

If you want to go for juices that are lower in sugar you might try combining carrots, ginger, celery, and lime. These will taste fresh and light without adding a lot of extra sugar to your diet. There’s really no right or wrong way to combine fruits and veggies for juices.

Don’t forget to also add fresh herbs and spices to your juices to add flavor. Juice can be a flavorful way to add calories to your diet and provide you with nutrients. You can build muscle with juicing when you combine it with a healthy diet and a consistent exercise program.

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